Solar Power System – Hospital in Karatu Jan 2019 – March 2021 

System criteria

Power Providers engaged in a process of installation of a solar power system designed using SMA PV and battery inverters to provide three phase power. This power was distributed to a segregated load base identified as ‘critical loads’ such as those for the operating theater, neonatal unit, laboratory, IT system and maternity ward. The process is ongoing and further phase engagement could see the solar power supply extended in the future to meet other less critical loads such as water pumping, administration, air conditioning etc.

Technical data

Power Sources: Solar/Diesel Gen-set/Grid power

Solar Array: 26.5Kw roof mounted North oriented array

Battery Inverter: 3x SMA Sunny Island 8.0H (Configured for three phase AC output)

PV Inverter : Sunny Tripower 25000TL-20 3 Phase PV Inverter

Battery: Tess Volt Lithium Ion 365 AH @ 48V battery bank

Generator: Fully integrated and automated 110 kVa FG Wilson three phase generator

Installation pictures 

Image 1: Roof mounted Solar Array                               Image 2: Battery Inverter Cluster

12     13

Image 3. PV Inverter                                                      Image 4. Lithium battery box

14        15

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