Solar Power System – Safari Lodge Manyara

A client that is specialised in providing accommodation service in the hospitality industry expressed their need for a solar power system to be installed at their new built safari lodge which is located at Manyara. Based on their needs Power Providers Company designed, supplied and installed this system as shown below

Power Providers Co. Ltd also engaged in a process of design, supply and installation of a solar power system hybridized with a 22 kVa Diesel Generator  for a safari lodge in Manyara. The lodge is located on the top of the rift valley with commanding views and the solar power system is set back close to the staff accommodation. Power Providers also supplied and installed the cable distribution network, sized with the correct gauge for ampacity and voltage drop..  

Technical data:

Power source: Solar/Diesel Gen-set

Solar array: 15KWp ground-mounted North oriented arrays

Inverter-charger: Victron Energy Quattro 48V/10000VA/140A

Battery: BAE 9 PVV 1350  ( Total battery capacity 1090Ah @C10)           

Generator: Fully integrated and automated 22kvA FG Wilson single-phase

Image 1: Ground mounted solar arrays            

Image 2: The balance of the system 

Image 3: A battery bank

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