Solar Power System at a Lodge in the Ngorongoro Highlands

Power Providers Co. Ltd installed an upgrade to a previously installed  Solar Power System at a lodge in the  Ngorongoro Highlands. The original solar power system was outgrown by the increase in the Lodge consumption over a period of 5 years so when the original battery bank became due for replacement the opportunity was taken to evaluate the current consumption, while also making allowance for future growth, in order to identify the required capacity increases in the solar array and battery bank. 

With the new design approved by the client Power Providers Co. Ltd installed 30 Suntech 300Wp solar panels to provide an additional solar array of 9.0 kWp which, combined with the original solar array of 5.49 kWp,  provides a total of 14.49 kWp to power the entire client lodge. A 5 kVa Victron Energy Inverter was assigned and connected in parallel to the 5 kVa installed originally. A quality VRLA Lead Acid battery bank of 24 BAE Secura Solar Batteries replaced the original battery bank.

The Camp has also a 13.5 kVa FG Wilson single phase generator installed by Power Providers which provides power security for those times of year that the sun is less cooperative. The entire system is fully automated and has a remote monitoring system that enables system performance to be monitored and, if necessary, for the generator to be started (or stopped) remotely.

Technical data

Power Sources: Solar Photovoltaics/Diesel Generator

Solar Array: 9.0Kw ground-mounted solar array combined with original 5.49 kWp solar array.

Inverter: Victron Energy Multiplus 48V/5000VA/70A connected in parallel to the original 5 kVa inverter to provide a total of 10 kVA at 230VAC

Battery: BAE Secura Solar Batteries, 22 PVV 4180 ( Total battery capacity 3600 Ah @C20)

Generator:  13.5 kVa FG Wilson Single-Phase generator

Image 1: Ground Mounted Solar Arrays                                            

Image 2: Main System Installation with Inverters, Charge Controllers and controlling switchgear. 

13.5 kVa FG Wilson Generator is in the back ground 

Image 4: Battery Bank of 24 x 2V BAE Secura Batteries with a nominal voltage of 48VDC

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