Solar Water Pumping System – Safari Lodge Manyara

A client that is specialised in providing accommodation service in the hospitality industry expressed their need for a solar water pumping system to be installed at their new built safari lodge which is located at Manyara. Based on their needs Power Providers Company designed, supplied and installed these systems as shown below

In this technically challenging project we have successfully installed two solar water pumps, with a combined power requirement of 13.8kWh, to provide a new lodge with 25m3 of water on a daily basis. The water had to be pumped a vertical distance of 260m and a lateral distance of over a kilometer over difficult terrain up the face of the rift valley escarpment.

The final solution involved pumping the water in two stages. The first pump sits in a permanent reservoir which is fed by an underground spring which pumps the spring  water to a second staging pump  installed in a staging tank 350m away.

The second pump then pumps the water the rest of the way up the steep escarpment to the lodge, where it is stored in a permanent tank which supplies the entire lodge. The permanent tank is sized to provide a buffer of at least four days of water, acting as a ‘water battery’ for those months where the sun is not so cooperative.

Power Providers Co. Ltd have chosen to use Lorentz submersible pumps for the two pumping locations. Their reliability, ease of use and long life-span makes them ideal for pumping water in such challenging circumstances.

Power Providers Co. Ltd installed 46 Suntech 300Wp solar panels to create an array of 13.8KWp to power the two pumps which are installed onto a structure which also houses the pump control equipment and provides security personnel accommodation at the site of the second staging pump.

Technical data

First Solar Staging Pump Details

Power supply: 2.4 kWp

Solar water pump system: Lorentz Submersible PS2-4000 HRE-32-2

Total Dynamic Lift: 50 m

Pump Daily Yield: 39 m3/day

2nd Solar Staging Pump Details

Power Supply: 11.4 kWp

Solar water pump system: Lorentz Submersible PSK2-21 C-SJ8-50

Total Dynamic Lift: 218 m

Pump Daily Yield: 28m3/day

Site Photographs

Image 1: Solar Array  13.8 kWp
Image 2: Pump Controllers & protective Switchgear
Image 3: Chem Chem Pump and stand
Image 4: Staging Tank
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