Freelance Graphic Designer

Opportunity – Freelance Graphic Designer

Power Providers is currently looking for a Freelance Graphic Designer to assist Power Providers in its branding and presentation.

About Power Providers

Power Providers is one of the leading renewable energy providers in Tanzania. Power Providers was established in 2007 in order to develop an energy specific market niche. With over nine years of experience, a range of internationally recognised best-brand products and a well-established support structure, we are well positioned to offer flexible, reliable energy solutions that are uniquely tailored to the requirements of customers across Tanzania and Eastern Africa.

Power Providers employs skilled professionals who are trained to understand the unique energy needs of each customer we work with, and who specialize in designing and installing specific solutions for each of our clients. In addition, Power Providers employs highly motivated support staff in order to run a smooth operation. All employees at Power Providers strive to create a fun, hard-working, and results-oriented environment. Power Providers aims to be an equal opportunity employer that promotes an inclusive workplace.

The position

The Freelance Graphic Designer reports to the Business Development Manager. The Freelance Graphic Designer assists in building and improving the corporate identity of Power Providers. The output includes, but is not limited to: improving document layout, creating document templates, designing flyers, posters, letterheads, branded material, advertisements, etc.

It is expected that Power Providers will request the services from the Freelance Graphic Designer ca. 1-3 days per month depending upon qualifications.


Power Providers is looking for a Graphic Designer with at least the following qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in Graphic Design
  • Proven track-record with portfolio to present
  • Ability to be flexible and responsive
  • Good spoken and written English


The package which Power Providers offers includes:

  • An adequate hourly/daily compensation
  • working in a enthusiastic, driven and inspiring work environment


Applicants are invited to submit their application by completing the following two steps:

Please note that:

  • All candidates who fill out the application form will receive a response
  • Applications which are sent by regular mail (post) will not be considered
  • Applicants who only sent an e-mail (and did not fill out the application form) will not be considered

The deadline for submission is August 8th 2016 at 12:00. Interviews will be scheduled the following week. The anticipated start date lays in September.

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