Maintenance Package / Battery Backup system

Power Providers provides the Maintenance support service to its clients who wish their system (s) to be serviced. 

Scope of Service: Maintenance Package

 The desired outcome for all packages is the same:

Desired outcome:

The desired outcome of the maintenance of the System is

1) to check for any current or potential problems and apply an immediate fix when possible

2) provide the client with a good understanding of the current state of the system and potential future adjustments/costs and

3) ensure that the individual(s) assigned system operator/maintenance oversight are capable of good usage and intermittent servicing of the system until the next scheduled service.

Maintenance Package : Backup System

The following tasks will be performed as part of this Maintenance Package:

  • Visual inspection and physical checking of batteries, cabling, power conditioning, grounding and switch gear
  • Confirmation of all breaker status and functionality
  • Check Generator function (where installed) and synchronisation with inverter for battery charging purposes
  • Check Tanesco power input and power conditioning to confirm functionality
  • Charge batteries to full – inverter in float – and check that battery condition monitor synchronizing appropriately
  • Measure individual battery voltages and cell specific gravities when battery bank fully charged and record
  • If required, battery equalization will be performed and battery specific gravity levels recorded again
  • Batteries topped up with distilled water if required

The following materials will be supplied (when required):

  • Necessary (measurement) tools to perform tasks outlined above
  • Distilled water (specifically produced for batteries)

The following training will be provided on-site (when required):

  • If required, training on follow up equalizations will be provided as to how this should be done and which records should be kept
  • Follow up training on system management and maintenance will be given where appropriate.

A report will be provided with, as a minimum, the following details/information:

Observations Measurements
Status of different components Battery Specific gravities (before equalisation)
Electrolyte level Battery Specific gravities (after equalization)
Battery voltage
Maintenance and tasks performed
Recommendation on Pictures of:
System Management System anomalies that can be illustrated photographically
System Maintenance
Follow up requirements to findings from maintenance intervention

Not included in this Maintenance Package:

Please note that the following list of items/tasks, which is not exhaustive, will not be serviced or provided for, unless these are included under the specifications of another Maintenance Package.:

  • In case a generator is present, generator maintenance will not be performed
  • Any fuel necessary to test/charge/equalize the system
  • Irregular service calls




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