Generator – Tanzania

Power Providers has partnered with Merrywater of Dar es salaam as the dealer for F.G. Wilson (UK) Generators for over 7 years.

Aside from supplying and installing generators (both single and three phase) to be hybridised with renewable energy systems Power Providers also supplies and installs generators for commercial application up to a capacity of 500 kVA for both prime and backup application. Power Providers also has experience in setting up generators to be run in parallel using synchronising kits and establishing auto start and remote start capabilities when hybridised with remote power systems,

Power Providers also provides maintenance and repair support to generator systems that they install by means of annual maintenance contracts.

Power Providers Webstore – Generators

For our current offer on generators please contact us, or visit our webstore for F.G. Wilson generators. Please note that quoted prices do not include transport from Dar es Salaam.

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