Solar Power Systems – Tanzania

Abundant energy straight from the sky. Solar power is the most logical choice for your electricity needs. Power Providers installs high-quality solar systems with attention to detail.

Most of the power systems installed by Power Providers are ‘off-grid’ and include a solar-array and inverter  combined with battery storage. A generator can be assigned for backup purposes in poor sun months and for increased power security. It is also possible to remove the generator from the equation by installing a stand alone solar power system.

Solar power systems can be supported with solar water heating, solar refrigeration and solar water pumping systems

After a detailed analyses Power Providers will select solar modules with the right specifications taking into account the power and consumption requirements of the system, the solar irradiation, the pitch, orientation and temperature. Our solar-array can be placed on a ground mount, used as a carport, or can be put on top of your roof. All the mounting frames are constructed in house.

The solar modules are connected to a DC combiner box if necessary and then fed into the charge controller or inverter and connected. Modern technological advances allow the solar PV array to be installed a distance from the power center if required without any loss of power bringing much more flexibility to the planning process.

Click here to see some of our reference projects.

Brands used:

  • Solar Panels: Suntech Solar, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar
  • Inverters: Magnum, Victron Energy, Outback, Xantrex, SMA
  • Batteries: Surrete, Trojan, Deka, BAE

Power Providers Webstore

Normally Power Providers designs, supplies and installs solar power systems for its clients, however, if you do not require an offer including consultation, design and installation you can visit our webstore here:

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