Agriculture and Livestock

With our range of products and services we are well equipped to power your farm or agricultural practices. We design and install automated solar power systems tailored to your needs – be it electricity, water pumping or irrigation systems. 

Farms and agriculture take up a lot of land. As such, these areas are usually located away from cities and electricity. Whether you are using diesel to pump water for irrigation or livestock use, or need electricity on your farm, we can help you save costs in the long run with automated solar power systems. Especially pumping water requires a lot of energy, and what better source than using abundant solar energy that is reliable, stable and cost-efficient. We can also help in supplying a full water-package: including borehole drilling, irrigation system setup, water storage and water management.

Power Providers has developed a range of products and services which enable you to pick and choose how to improve your energy and water needs. Whether you are looking to install a new irrigation system, pump water or anything else, Power Providers is there to answer your prayers. See our solar water pumping page for more information.

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