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Over the course of the years that Power Providers has been providing services to the renewable energy sector we have gained experience with many different power systems and associated appliances. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding wind power systems, DC fridges, generators, solar fans, LED lighting or anything related to your power needs.

Even though the design and installation of solar power systems has become our core business we pride ourselves on being able to be a one-stop-shop for your power needs while still delivering a high quality of service. Please note that we primarily focus on customers with “more significant” power needs.

Wind Power Systems

Wind Turbines are an excellent source of power, so long as there is wind available to drive them. Power Providers use available wind data to evaluate the appropriateness of a proposed site and, where data is not available, supply and install wind ‘data loggers’ for up to a year to collect accurate and reliable site specific data. This data is then used in a detailed analysis to identify  the potential of the site in question. The data analysis, aside from confirming or otherwise that the site is viable from a wind perspective, also informs decision making with regards to the best type of wind turbine required to maximize power harvesting. Once the decision has been made to install a wind Turbine Power Providers then work with our clients to supply, install and, where necessary, hybridise the wind turbine with other sources of power, be this solar or generator based.

Solar/DC Cooling and Fridges

DC fridges and freezers use highly efficient DC brushless motors to drive the compressors that are the heart of the cooling cycle. These efficient compressors combined with the high levels of quality insulation used to insulate the fridge or freezer cabinet result in a very low consumption profile when compared to most domestic fridges and freezers using AC power. Power Providers is a sales and service partner for Sundanzer.

LED Lights

LED Lights are currently the most efficient method of lightning. The investment required to replace alternative lights with LED is often earned back within one or two years. The lifespan of LED lights can be ten to twenty years.

Power Providers has the following lights in stock:

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Candles
  • LED Tubelights
  • LED Floodlights



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