Hotels, Lodges and Camps

Power Providers has been serving the hospitality industry since 2007. We can provide tailored solutions to cater for the needs of you and your guests. Whether it is electricity, hot water, cooling, or wiring, we can provide it.

The Managing Director of Power Providers, Clive Jones, has worked in the hospitality industry and  wildlife conservation for many years. He has build a company which can cater to the hospitality industry with great attention to detail and excellent service. Our technicians are trained to execute their work with minimal disruption to your operations. Check out our process and request a quote.

Providing electricity

Getting electricity in remote places can be a challenge. As you might be able to tell from experience, guests coming to your hotel, lodge or camp do not like power outages. Power Providers can design, supply and install a variety of products and services in order to get you reliable power. This can include:  solar system, backup systems, generators, wiring and solar fridges and fans.

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Providing hot water

In a hotel, lodge or camp the main requirement for hot water comes from showering (and bathing). With our tools and software we are able to assist you in calculating the required amounts, combined with various factors like irradiation, pitch and heat loss we can provide you with a customized solar heating system.

You can also contact us in case you want to rely on your water needs using a solar water pump.

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