Commercial Installation

Backup generator for a farm – Sanyu Juu,  2019

Project description

The Power Providers installed 110 kVA generator on a Sanyu Juu farm to provide backup power if the local distribution network goes down. Along with the generator, we installed a changeover switch and connected the power from Tanesco to the changeover switch, a generator to changeover switch as well as changeover switch to the distribution board to enable seamless transition between power supplies to the farm and prevent any critical loads from being off for any extended periods of time.

Technical data

  • Generator: FG Wilson P110-6
Image 1: Installed generator

Solar Water Pump for a farm – Igumbilo, 2017/18

Project description

A farm in Igumbilo used to run a pump from a tractor for pumping water for irrigation. This approach was prone to breakdowns and was highly fuel-intensive with a high carbon cost. Power Providers designed a solution that can pump an average of 420m3 water per day.  The pump system was designed with capacity expansion in mind. This system is capable of irrigating the complete agricultural area at the farm most of the year solely on solar power, minimizing operational costs and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the system as a whole.

Technical data

  • Water Pump & Controller: Lorentz PS21k2 CS-F42-40–D
  • Solar Array: 9.9 kWp solar array using 51 Suntech, 195 Wp module
  • Communicator:Lorentz PS Solar communicator
  • Water meter: Lorentz solar meter Woltman pulse
  • Water Sensor: Liquid pressure sensor LPS-500
Image 1: Ground-mounted solar array
Image 2: Installation of Lorentz water pump

Solar Water Pump for a farm – Moshi 2017

Power Providers installed a solar water pumping system for a farm in Moshi. A turnkey solution was chosen because of the ease of use and maintenance for the client. The system included a roof-mounted solar array and solar water pump.

The site already has a storage tank which is situated above the borehole and holds 10,000L. The project also increased water storage capacity because the tank acts as a ‘battery’ – where water stored in the tank will be available on days that are overcast and the daily pumped volume is reduced. The client plans to upgrade the water supply therefore more storage would be needed in the near future.

Technical data

Power supply: 3 x TAN-STP-315-24/Vem Suntech solar panels
Solar water pump system: PS2-1800 C-SJ12-4 -D
Pump controller: SN 07-000530-16216123

Image 1: Installation of a new water tank and solar array

Image 2: Completion of water tank installation

Image 3: Completed solar-powered water pump

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