Backup Power System – Tanzania

With frequent power outages, or no connection to the grid at all, backup power systems are essential to continue your operations. Our integrated systems are designed to last.

Battery systems can either store energy from your solar array, the grid, or can be combined with a generator. When deciding which battery system is most suitable for you many factors need to be considered, amongst others: peak power use, consumption and load profiles, maintenance capacity, investment horizon.

Dependent on the use of the battery system it will be combined with the relevant inverters and charge controllers or, sometimes, directly connected to a DC-load. We will ensure that you fully  understand the needs of your system so that it can be used and maintained optimally. With sophisticated battery management systems you are enabled to keep track of the performance of the system. We also provide remote monitoring services so we can warn you in case of potential problems and schedule maintenance visits.

Power Providers is specialized in “larger” systems with power requirements of >3kW and storage capacity of >1000Ah (12V).

Click here to see some of our reference projects.

Brands used:

  • Batteries: BAE, Trojan, Surrette, Deka, Victron
  • Inverter/chargers: SMA, Morningstar, Magnum, Victron Energy

Power Providers Webstore

Normally Power Providers designs, supplies and installs backup systems for its clients, however, if you do not require an offer including consultation, design and installation you can visit our webstore here:

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