Solar Water Heating – Tanzania

Even on cloudy days a solar water heating system captures heat from the sun. It is a sustainable, economical and reliable source for your hot water needs.

For heating water solar plate collectors or  evacuated tube collectors are used. The collector is connected to a boiler to store the hot water. Domestic systems can provide up to 300 liters of hot water per day. Several systems can be combined to increase the capacity.

Commercial solar water heating systems using the same principals see the use of the solar collectors and storage tanks at a larger scale with sophisticated pumps and control mechanisms enuring a reliable and predictable source of hot water.

Solar collectors can be combined with electric or gas boilers to ensure a constant temperature and unlimited supply of hot water.

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Brands used

  • Collector and Tanks: Ezinc
  • Gas Water Heating Boilers: Bosch

Power Providers Webstore

Normally Power Providers designs, supplies and installs solar water heating systems for its clients, however, if you do not require an offer including consultation, design and installation you can visit our webstore here:

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