Residential Installations

Domestic Solar power system – Arusha, December 2020

Project description

Power Providers installed a Solar Power System (SPS) that was designed to supply enough energy to a three-bedroom domestic property in our hometown of Arusha, using an array capable of supplying 4KW with a system voltage at 48V.

As with all our installations, we provided training and follow-up training on system management and maintenance. We also offer a standard five-year maintenance package to provide peace of mind to the client should anything go wrong with the system and allow the opportunity for Power Providers to provide any advice on the system should the client wish to upgrade or increase the system size to accommodate for any increases in domestic loads. 

The maintenance for an SPS includes, but is not limited, to the following activities:

  • Inspection and physical checking of batteries, solar modules, solar array mounting system,cabling, grounding and switchgear
  • Check solar module output in full sun to confirm functionality.
  • Ensure all safety devices are functioning properly.
  • Ensure any connections to the distribution grid system are maintained (where applicable). 
  • Maintain battery health, if required, batteries will be topped up with distilled water
  • Check site consumption profile against that of the Load Analysis used to design the power system. 
  • Ensure the client is up to date on any maintenance training requirements. 
Image 1: Two roof-mounted solar arrays

Image 2: Balance of Service equipment and battery bank

Domestic Solar Water Pump – Moshi, December 2019

Project description

Power Providers installed a Solar Water Pump (SWP)  system at a domestic property using a turnkey solution. This type of system is built end-to-end for the client for easy use and slow maintenance. 

The solution included a roof-mounted solar array, solar water pump, and accessories. This solar water pumping installation provides a minimum average of 1,500l/day.  As with our solar power system and generator installations, Power Providers offers maintenance packages for SWP which includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: 

  • Inspection of solar modules, solar array mounting system, pump controller and associated wiring, grounding, switchgear and piping.
  • Check solar module output in full sun to confirm functionality
  • Check pump output in full sun conditions
  • Check client water meter records (if available) for daily water capacity requirements
  • Check controller function with focus on run dry and tank full protection
  • Check status and functionality of protection, pump safety and power storage devices (where applicable).

Technical data

Power supply: 1 x TAN-STP100-12ITFA Suntech solar panel, connected in one string with 1 module.
Solar water pump system: Sun Pump SDS-T-128 30V
Solar pump controller: PVC Box PCA-30-MID

Image 1: Design of Solar Water Pump system
Image 2: 100W Solar module for water pump
Image 3: Water tower and storage tank where water is pumped

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