NGOs, Schools and Hospitals

We understand how important reliable electricity is in order to reach your goals. With a high-quality solar power system with battery storage we can ensure you can continue operations even when the grid fails. 

At schools and NGOs light, computers and internet are often essential in order to provide the high quality of service you want to stand for. In hospitals there are even more critical loads which can not fail in case of power outages. Power Providers has been servicing institutions for more than 12 years and is proud to do so. The Power Providers office itself is powered 100% by solar power.

Before advising anything, we like to perfectly understand your electricity needs. Besides evaluating your current needs we will also consult you about potential future changes. Sometimes we just install a battery backup system, but often we add a solar array. Combined this will decrease your electricity/diesel bills and increase reliability of your electricity.

Power providers can also design, supply and install solar water heating systems and water pumping systems.


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