Reference Installations

Kibidula Farm|Mafinga, Iringa – Tanzania’s Largest Solar Water Pumping Installation Thus Far (August 2018)

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Power Providers installed a 68 kW solar water pumping system near Mafinga, Iringa Region a few months ago. The solar water pumping system consists of 216 x 315Wp solar modules powering 2 x 30 kW Lorentz surface pumps and it is, to the best of our belief, the largest solar pumping system to be installed in Tanzania to date.

This system is designed to pump 1.5 million litres of water per day of water from a dam to a large holding reservoir 50 vertical meters away, from where gravity takes it to an avocado irrigation project.

                                        2 x 30 kW Lorentz surface pumps

Kibidula Pump

Solar Water Pumping System – Safari Lodge Manyara

A client that is specialised in providing accommodation service in the hospitality industry expressed their need for a solar water pumping system to be installed at their new built safari lodge which is located at Manyara. Based on their needs Power Providers Company designed, supplied and installed these systems as shown below

In this technically challenging project we have successfully installed two solar water pumps, with a combined power requirement of 13.8kWh, to provide a new lodge with 25m3 of water on a daily basis. The water had to be pumped a vertical distance of 260m and a lateral distance of over a kilometer over difficult terrain up the face of the rift valley escarpment.

The final solution involved pumping the water in two stages. The first pump sits in a permanent reservoir which is fed by an underground spring which pumps the spring  water to a second staging pump  installed in a staging tank 350m away.

The second pump then pumps the water the rest of the way up the steep escarpment to the lodge, where it is stored in a permanent tank which supplies the entire lodge. The permanent tank is sized to provide a buffer of at least four days of water, acting as a ‘water battery’ for those months where the sun is not so cooperative.

Power Providers Co. Ltd have chosen to use Lorentz submersible pumps for the two pumping locations. Their reliability, ease of use and long life-span makes them ideal for pumping water in such challenging circumstances.

Power Providers Co. Ltd installed 46 Suntech 300Wp solar panels to create an array of 13.8KWp to power the two pumps which are installed onto a structure which also houses the pump control equipment and provides security personnel accommodation at the site of the second staging pump.

Technical data

First Solar Staging Pump Details

Power supply: 2.4 kWp

Solar water pump system: Lorentz Submersible PS2-4000 HRE-32-2

Total Dynamic Lift: 50 m

Pump Daily Yield: 39 m3/day

2nd Solar Staging Pump Details

Power Supply: 11.4 kWp

Solar water pump system: Lorentz Submersible PSK2-21 C-SJ8-50

Total Dynamic Lift: 218 m

Pump Daily Yield: 28m3/day

Site Photographs

Image 1: Solar Array  13.8 kWp
Image 2: Pump Controllers & protective Switchgear
Image 3: Chem Chem Pump and stand
Image 4: Staging Tank

Solar Power System at a Lodge in the Ngorongoro Highlands

Power Providers Co. Ltd installed an upgrade to a previously installed  Solar Power System at a lodge in the  Ngorongoro Highlands. The original solar power system was outgrown by the increase in the Lodge consumption over a period of 5 years so when the original battery bank became due for replacement the opportunity was taken to evaluate the current consumption, while also making allowance for future growth, in order to identify the required capacity increases in the solar array and battery bank. 

With the new design approved by the client Power Providers Co. Ltd installed 30 Suntech 300Wp solar panels to provide an additional solar array of 9.0 kWp which, combined with the original solar array of 5.49 kWp,  provides a total of 14.49 kWp to power the entire client lodge. A 5 kVa Victron Energy Inverter was assigned and connected in parallel to the 5 kVa installed originally. A quality VRLA Lead Acid battery bank of 24 BAE Secura Solar Batteries replaced the original battery bank.

The Camp has also a 13.5 kVa FG Wilson single phase generator installed by Power Providers which provides power security for those times of year that the sun is less cooperative. The entire system is fully automated and has a remote monitoring system that enables system performance to be monitored and, if necessary, for the generator to be started (or stopped) remotely.

Technical data

Power Sources: Solar Photovoltaics/Diesel Generator

Solar Array: 9.0Kw ground-mounted solar array combined with original 5.49 kWp solar array.

Inverter: Victron Energy Multiplus 48V/5000VA/70A connected in parallel to the original 5 kVa inverter to provide a total of 10 kVA at 230VAC

Battery: BAE Secura Solar Batteries, 22 PVV 4180 ( Total battery capacity 3600 Ah @C20)

Generator:  13.5 kVa FG Wilson Single-Phase generator

Image 1: Ground Mounted Solar Arrays                                            

Image 2: Main System Installation with Inverters, Charge Controllers and controlling switchgear. 

13.5 kVa FG Wilson Generator is in the back ground 

Image 4: Battery Bank of 24 x 2V BAE Secura Batteries with a nominal voltage of 48VDC

Solar Power System – Safari Lodge Manyara

A client that is specialised in providing accommodation service in the hospitality industry expressed their need for a solar power system to be installed at their new built safari lodge which is located at Manyara. Based on their needs Power Providers Company designed, supplied and installed this system as shown below

Power Providers Co. Ltd also engaged in a process of design, supply and installation of a solar power system hybridized with a 22 kVa Diesel Generator  for a safari lodge in Manyara. The lodge is located on the top of the rift valley with commanding views and the solar power system is set back close to the staff accommodation. Power Providers also supplied and installed the cable distribution network, sized with the correct gauge for ampacity and voltage drop..  

Technical data:

Power source: Solar/Diesel Gen-set

Solar array: 15KWp ground-mounted North oriented arrays

Inverter-charger: Victron Energy Quattro 48V/10000VA/140A

Battery: BAE 9 PVV 1350  ( Total battery capacity 1090Ah @C10)           

Generator: Fully integrated and automated 22kvA FG Wilson single-phase

Image 1: Ground mounted solar arrays            

Image 2: The balance of the system 

Image 3: A battery bank

Solar Power System – Hospital in Karatu Jan 2019 – March 2021 

System criteria

Power Providers engaged in a process of installation of a solar power system designed using SMA PV and battery inverters to provide three phase power. This power was distributed to a segregated load base identified as ‘critical loads’ such as those for the operating theater, neonatal unit, laboratory, IT system and maternity ward. The process is ongoing and further phase engagement could see the solar power supply extended in the future to meet other less critical loads such as water pumping, administration, air conditioning etc.

Technical data

Power Sources: Solar/Diesel Gen-set/Grid power

Solar Array: 26.5Kw roof mounted North oriented array

Battery Inverter: 3x SMA Sunny Island 8.0H (Configured for three phase AC output)

PV Inverter : Sunny Tripower 25000TL-20 3 Phase PV Inverter

Battery: Tess Volt Lithium Ion 365 AH @ 48V battery bank

Generator: Fully integrated and automated 110 kVa FG Wilson three phase generator

Installation pictures 

Image 1: Roof mounted Solar Array                               Image 2: Battery Inverter Cluster

12     13

Image 3. PV Inverter                                                      Image 4. Lithium battery box

14        15

Solar Water Pumping System – A Hospital in Mbeya, March 2021

System criteria

A 4kw submersible solar water pump was installed in a spring catchment area and pumped water 750 meters to a Hospital to supply water for daily needs. The installed pump has a capacity to pump 8500 liters per hour and is fully automated.

Technical data

Solar Array: 4.41KWp

Pump type and controller: Lorentz PS2-4000 C-SJ8-15

Installation pictures 

Image1: Ground Mounted Solar Array                                           Image 2: Pump Tripod Stand

5        6

Nkasi, Rukwa| Solar Water Pump (March 2021)

A 4kw submersible centrifugal solar water pump has been installed by Power Providers Tanzania to our client at Lake Tanganyika for the purpose of pumping water from the lake Tanganyika to three fish ponds/dams near the area. The installed pump has the power to pump water for a distance of 500m from the water source to the reservoir and has a flow rate of 26 m3/h which is equal to 26000 liters per hour. The total array size of the whole system is 6.6 KW.

A Tented Camp, Iringa| Solar Water Pump & Power System (August 2020)

A 4kWp ground mounted Solar array powering a stand alone Solar Power System for a Tented Camp in Iringa Region. The system is 100% solar powered and powers all the important appliances needed by our client.


A battery bank with capacity of 400 Ah @C20, 48VDC system voltage and other components to support the installed solar power system.

Batteries- Rex (1)

Rhotia Valley, Karatu|Solar Power System (2019)

A 29.16 kWp roof mounted solar array charging a 144 kWh battery bank and providing three phase AC power using three Sunny Island SMA inverters (SI8.0H-12) and one Solar inverter Sunny Triple Power 25 kW PV inverter. The system was designed so that solar power provides most of the power to the property but was also hybridized with a generator so that in times of poor sun an alternative source of power is available so as to ensure power security. The system is supplying power to a lodge, orphanage home and a bakery at Rhotia Valley, Karatu