Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration (Solar Powered Water Treatment Solutions) – Tanzania

Power Providers, in partnership with MASCARA Nouvelles Technologies, bring to you reverse osmosis water treatment solutions using the Osmosun range of products which use solar energy without batteries to provide clean, potable water

Key Product Factors

  1. We deliver a turnkey solution ready to supply water autonomously even to your most isolated sites.
  2. We provide full O&M packages to maintenance support, including long term spare parts supply
  3. Production 50m3/d : 2500 persons supplied with 20L/day/per
  4. 20 years lifetime
  1. Osmosun Nomad: Mobile (trailerised): 1 – 20 cubic meters per day

      Unique features of Osmosun Nomad

  1. Powered by solar energy, the cheapest energy in the world
  2. Packaged to allow air transport
  3. Designed for rapid deployment and use in a reception area
  4. Adaptable to all water qualities for production per module from 1 to 160m3/jour
  5. Ensure that the water can be drinkable for a week
  6. Monitor operation and maintenance
  7. Ensuring peak consumption
  8. Production capacity up to 1000m3/per day
  1. Mobile Osmo-Watt: Mobile (Containerised) plug and play: 5 – 150 cubic meters per day 

        Unique Feature of the mobile Osmo-Watt

  1. Autonomous water production in one single container
  2. On site commissioning in less than 24 hours
  3. No civil works required on site
  4. Plug and play
  5. Telemonitoring
  6. Hurricane proof                                  
  1. On site integration: 5 – 5,000 cubic meters per day

       Benefits of Utility scale Solar Powered Desalination

  1. Clean water powered by renewable energy 
  2. Low levelized cost of water
  3. Designed and built to last
  1. Mobile OsmoTaps: Integrated water access points – 5 – 150 cubic meters per day

      Benefits of the Mobile OsmoTaps

  1. Clean water from clean energy
  2. Scalable which means low investment cost
  3. Economically sustainable in operation costs
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