The team at Power Providers was very professional and sympathetic. They supported our planning for a home based hybrid solar powered installation.  The design was excellent and their quotation competitive. Installation was quickly and superbly carried out, with best practices being used.

We have also had good support in training for operation and a user friendly manual provided and explained for use and ongoing basic maintenance. The system has breakers for safety and a digital monitor too! It has operated flawlessly for the past 2 years and we have never faced a deficit for our needs, indicating a suitable sizing for our daily needs.

We would very much recommend their services to anyone planning a home based system – ours is providing over 2500 W AC daily average, runs our substantial Fridge and Freezer and allows even for use of a Microwave, hairdryer, vegetable steamer and toaster – though only one at the time but without switching of the coolers! It’s basically fantastic and we never had a power cut :-).

Martin Taylor, Good Earth Trust